Final Appropriation: The Last Monopoly

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Artwork #2: Appropriate, Uncategorized

Goal: Be the first player to make a single trip around the board.

Rules: Each player chooses a piece, and then rolls a single die to determine their starting money. The player receives money equal to their die roll multiplied by $150. After this, players roll single die rolls to move. If they land on a space that requires drawing a Chance or Community Chest card, the player draws the card and does whatever the card requires of them. If the player lands on a space with houses, that means the area is occupied by zombies.

These spaces, using the MyMonopoly edition, allow for the user to place pictures on tiles, replacing the standard art. These tiles contain which zombie the player encounters, as well as the total zombies and the requirement that the player must pay. The player rolls the die, and if they can roll 4 or higher, they get to keep half of the money they would otherwise pay. Additionally, if a player lands on a space where another player is, the two players can either roll against each other, with the winner taking half of the loser’s money, or agree to not attack, and each of them will lose one quarter of their money. If a player loses all of their money, they are eliminated from the game.


Artist Statement:

The game looks to draw parallels between the corrupting influence capitalism has on people with the perils and dangers of a zombie apocalypse. The journey around the boarddescribes the theme that when one struggles to survive in the apocalpyse, they often lose their humanity, while also showing how businesses often have to use cutthroat, aggressive tactics to beat their competitors and climb the social ladder. In the apocalypse, survivors often fight and kill each other to take their resources, represented by the players rolling against each other. This parallels businesses often taking the majority of a competitor’s customers after beating them in competition. The tiles are hidden until the player lands on them, leaving a sense of suspense in the player that is needed in a game about surviving the apocalypse. The game should leave players feeling tense and distrusting of each other by the end of the game, as well as a feeling of dissatisfaction with possibly suffering unforeseen consequences.a