igf game showcase; a sailor’s song

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Uncategorized

a sailor’s song is a game by simogo, the same company that made the interactive novel “device 6” and the thrilling puzzle adventure game “year walk”. a sailors song is very much like a product between those two, somewhere between a interactive novel and a puzzle game. is a game about exploring the different island, gathering different stories and listening to its relaxed and refreshing music.

unlike device 6, which is a interactive novel, a sailor’s song contains much less words and readings, but having more visual elements and animations like “year walk”. which is a reason why it got honorable mention for best visual on igf.

a sailor’s song is a very arty game, the mechanic being scrolling around with your finger to travel through locations and clicking for most interactions. rather than playing a game, i find playing a sailor’s song more as a kind of experience, and it has given me some pleasant times to spent with.