by | Mar 20, 2015 | Artwork #2: Appropriate, Projects

Its tik-tac-toe with insults! A brand new form of gamer-shaming! A game that goes to show that even with all these years of cultural evolution, we’re still a race that loves to abuse.

Jokes aside, this game trivializes and opens the door for a list of discussions regarding the cultural impact of certain actions and words. The game is centered about two players that are insulting each other with their own cultural insults. The first insult, represented by the glove, is based upon a medieval challenge, usually based in France. While the common turn of the phrase is “throw down the gauntlet,” knights would often challenge each other by tossing down silk gloves.

Gloves were considered a shield for higher nobles- a shield against dirt and perverted degenerates that was everyone else. Tossing down gloves was considered a great insult to the challenged.

The second insult is represented by shoes. In this case, we have Indian chappals. The form of this insult does no matter, as long as it is represented by a shoe. The shoe in Islamic culture is considered much like the glove in old French culture- it is a shield against dirt. Except, in this case, the dirt is actual dirt. Because shoes are used to move around, it is considered a grave insulting to meet someone’s face with the base of a shoe.

For example: before the US invasion of Iraq, an important hotel had a mosiac of President Bush sr. set into the floor of its lobby.

When the US army invaded, this floor was blown apart and then replaced with a mosaic of Saddam Hussein.

The game forces the player to insult through their actions, but makes these actions seem benign until their meaning is fully explained.