Daring Candy Dish — Documentation

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Artwork #1: Score

Leave a bowl of candy where you’d expect one

Leave a note beside it that reads:

“Take All

Or Take None”

I decided to keep the score as written, leaving some parts intentionally vague to allow interpretation on how to enact it.

Originally, I had a reception desk in mind for a place you’d expect a candy dish, but I couldn’t find an unoccupied one. However, in the Curry Student Center, I found multiple student organizations that had table displays, some of which had candy to entice inquiries. I figured that so long I was in the vicinity, I could imitate these organizations and thus follow the expectation rule. I borrowed a table and a chair, set up next to the others, and decided to wait a full hour.  I also decided to stay by the bowl and answer any questions anyone might have. Lastly, I decided not to take any pictures of the people, as I assumed that it would only scare them away.

Here are my notes of the score:


IMG_2062 IMG_2063

1:45: 3 people glanced at the sign, did not slow down

1:50: 1 person glanced at the sign, did not slow down

1:52: table across from me may have taken my picture, not entirely sure

1:53: the tabletop gaming table at my far right have scavenged the chairs I left behind

1:59: person sitting next to me stops and reads sign, asks if it’s related to schordiners cat. I replied “nope. It’s just that if you want the candy, you’ll have to take all of it”. Did not take candy

2:06:  student organization on my right packed up, left their table, I decided to take their spot as to stand out & look like I belong


2:08: person who asked question walked passed again, gave me a wave

2:08: old photographer asks me to shift my table. I comply. He looks at sign, laughs, does not take candy

2:09: woman glances over at sign from behind. Does not take candy

2:12: girl decides to break rules and only take handful of candy, despite asking about the sign beforehand. She is amused by the performance and asks about my major

2:15: two girls stop and ask. They ask me the purpose. I explain “ordinary, you would take just one, but there’s nothing stoping you from taking all. Now, there’s something stopping you from taking just one.” They attempt to take the bowl, but I ask them not to. They hesitate, and decide to take none

2:16: rule breaker is friends with girl stationed across me. Talks about me

2:18: person walks by, glances at sign, takes none

2:19: rule breaker smiles at me, I smile and wave back

2:21: two people glance at sign, do not stop, do not take

2:22: person walks by, glances at sign, does not stop, does not take

2:27: person walks by, reads sign, does not stop, does not take

2:29: two guys stop, ask if it’s okay, I say yes. They first attempt to hold all the candy at once, I offer that they can simply grab handfuls, and stuff them in their pockets. They do so. They asked me what this was for. I give them a basic explanation. They thank me, then walk away.


2:36: person glances at sign, does not stop

2:40: person glances at sign, does not stop

2:41: person glances at sign, does not stop

2:43: person stops, reads sign, looks at empty candy bowl, gives me bemused smirk, walks away