Get lost

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Artwork #1: Score, Projects


  1. Start walking
  2. Cross as many crosswalks as possible
  3. Don’t look at any signs
  4. At some point try to cross a bridge
  5. When lost, find best looking local café/restaurant
  6. Enjoy a moment of tranquility in this unknown location
  7. Leave this location before asking for directions
  8. Go home


Artist statement


Something I’ve loved to do my whole life is to simply just get lost. Getting lost can lead to amazing experiences and places, since you just don’t know what you are going to find. I wanted to make a score that was easy to follow, but by doing so would pretty much guarantee you having a good experience in a previously unexplored location.


I wanted to make it a point to leave the café/restaurant before finding out where you actually are. The enjoyment of finding this special place lies in you completely randomly finding the place. If you immediately find the address and decide to return the following day, its simply not as rewarding.


Deciding to get lost is something I do pretty regularly. Maybe I don’t get as specific as to “trying to cross a bridge” but not knowing where I am and then by still exploring is how I have found many of my favorite places. I love getting lost, and hope more people see the score and become inspired to get lost.


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