Revelation – Final

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Artwork #1: Score

  1. Cut up an embarrassing picture of your friend.
  2. Put the pieces in a bag.
  3. Let that friend draw pieces from the bag and put them together.
  4. Stop him when he realizes who it is.
  5. Does he recognize himself?

Artist Statement

The final iteration of ‘Revelation’, originally named ‘Reflection’, is mostly similar to the original but uses the subject’s own face instead of my own. I believe the reactions to a person putting a broken image together only to realize they have been reconstructing their own face in an embarrassing expression is more interesting and makes the experience fun.

This score was inspired by me looking at my own reflection and making funny faces, then realizing how unfamiliar I am with it and, upon looking more closely, taking note of all the small details that define my features. I wondered then if I were only given half of my face, would I be able to recognize myself. What defines my appearance? Is it my hair, the shape of my nose, the roundness of my cheeks, the width of my jaw, or is it something that is recurring in my facial expression? Personally, I found that by looking at myself, piece by piece, I was better able to appreciate the features that define me and make me unique. Because of this, I feel this score was aptly known as ‘Revelation’ not only because of the surprise of putting together one’s image but also because it allows one to realize his identity.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to produce video footage because I didn’t have any friends to work it with that don’t know about the game. Still, it’s a fun and easy little game to play.