by | Feb 1, 2016 | Artwork #1: Score

PacGhosts/Class Ghosts


Apply to a classroom full of students.

Rules of descending importance:

-Never Collide.

-Never stop Moving.

-Only turn when face with and obstruction.

-Only make 90 degree angles.

-Only move in straight lines.

-Continue for set time or until area is excessively congested.

Participants should stand up and move only in a forward direction, when the are confronted with an obstruction they should reverse their direction or face left or right and move in that direction.


Participants should always turn with 90 degree angles.

And when moving forward should move in a straight line.

Allow movement to continue until one area of the class becomes to congested for movement to continue.

I do not have a trial of this as I did not have a room full of participants to use, so I am hoping we can use this score in class.

I was hoping to see if any interesting patterns might develop in the movement of a group in a class room with certain rules applied, how chaotic it could get and how quickly jams would occur.


People enjoyed the score “was fun”

Just the right amount of rules

Allowed for people to create emergent secondary games (such as trapping other people in an area of room).