by | Feb 1, 2016 | Artwork #1: Score


  • Pick it up.
  • Play like a child.
  • Never grow old.


Artist Notes

So to start this off, I’ll explain why this score is so different (textually, not thematically). I went out on Sunday to go and preform my score, but I couldn’t find any snow that I wanted to touch. It was all sloshy and dirty and didn’t really fit the vision of my score. So I decided to rework my score.

The final iteration still captures the innocence of playing as a child. Growing up is scary, responsibility is hard, so never forget what it was like to be a child.

I kept the instructions intentionally vague as to what to use. I wanted everyone to have their own unique experience when preforming it since everyone’s childhood was different. I chose to play with coins, because they were something I played with a lot as a kid. I often had to travel into New York City with my Mom (she was a professor at City College) and the trains were always packed. She wouldn’t let me bring any big toys on the train because she was afraid I would lose them. So instead I had coins. The game in particular that I played with them was knocking them into each other and knocking them off of a table.

The last photo is me just balancing stuff. It’s something I loved to do as a kid (and still do).



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