First Iteration for Appropriation

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

An Arena for High Stakes Chess (tentative title)


  • Chess Pieces
  • Krosmaster Arena and accessories
  • Deck of cards


Players play rock paper scissors to see who goes first, that winner may choose black or white, it doesn’t matter.

Players set-up the board;

This is done by first placing down obstacles for the opposing player,

This is done by using the Arena accessories such as trees, crates, and bushes.

The player who lost the rock, paper, scissors may set down up to 4 in any spot that he/she wishes first. Then the other player does the same.

Then both players setup the board as they would in regular chess,

The players must stay in the first two rows on their side, but they can as be spread out as they want, there are “12” spots, for 8 pieces per row, so there will be space.

Once set up the players can start the game.

Changes to the Chess Rules:

All pieces that had restricted movement can now move an extra space if they wish,

(this is for pawn, king, and knight)   

Pawns can now also start by moving 4 spaces forward on their first move if they so choose to.

If there is an obstacle in the way, the piece can move around it by making adjacent steps (not diagonal) around the obstacle.

Knights can jump over crates and bushes.

When capturing an opponent’s piece, the players must play a round of 5 card poker.

This means both players draw 5 cards, and the anti is the 2 pieces that are “fighting” each other. The player with the better hand,  keeps their piece in the spot, and the losers piece is “taken” or discarded.

Checks, or checkmates, are played the same way, if the king is being checked, and the player doing the checking has the better hand, then the king is lost, and the other player wins.

The rest of the game is played regularly.