Diablo 4 (Final)

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Artwork #3: Intervene

Diablo 4 is a Single Player Action Role Play game (ARPG) that has post-century graphics and contains highly in depth gameplays.  It takes the process of players leveling up their stats to fight stronger monsters and gain more rewards in mainstream process-based games like Diablo 3, and intervene it by implementing the best graphics in the world and extract out the mechanics.


The game interface consists of two parts: Player stats and Enemy stats.

Both of the characters have three main Attributes, which is extracted from Diablo 3. The core gameplay in Diablo 3 is totally based on these three attributes, and all the stats of players can be concentrated and simplified into manipulating them.

  • Toughness: Indicates how much damage the character could totally stand.
  • Recovery: Indicates how much Toughness is recovered each turn.
  • Damage: Indicates how much damage thecharacter produces to its opponent per turn.

There’s a Health which indicates how much damage the character could take before considered dead. It’s restored to full each turn and cannot exceeds Toughness. The combat systems is just around those numbers, and if anyone dead, the combat is ended.

There’s a button in the middle which controls the entire game play. If there’s a combat going on, clicking it proceeds the combat to the next turn. If the enemy is dead, clicking it claims the reward experience points which could level player up. If the reward is claimed, clicking it spawns a new enemy of a chosen level. If the player is dead, clicking it respawns the player and also spawns a new enemy of a chosen level.


(L = Level, Random(x, y) = random number between x and y)

  • Player Toughness =  200 * (1.08 ^ L)
  • Player Recovery = 10 * (1.08 ^ L)
  • Player Damage = 40 * (1.08 ^ L)
  • Required Exp to next level = 50 + 25 * L + 25 * L^2
  • Enemy Toughness =  100 * (1.1 ^ L) * Random(0.9, 1.1)
  • Enemy Recovery = 6 * (1.1 ^ L) * Random(0.9, 1.1)
  • Enemy Damage = 25 * (1.1 ^ L) * Random(0.9, 1.1)
  • Enemy XP Reward = 24 + 5 * L + L^2
  • If the player’s level is significantly higher than enemy’s, player will get less XP (More complicated Math formula involved).


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