by | Mar 24, 2016 | Artwork #3: Intervene

Artist Statement

A while back a few of my friends and I came to the common agreement that the food served in the Northeastern dining halls was not necessarily the best food ever. Most of the time when we did get food sometimes we would not finish it and food would be left over. And since we thought that our leftover food would be thrown away anyway, we decided to take our it and create a new dish that would look appealing from afar, but is actually disgusting up close since it would be created from what we decided to not finish.  In a way, this idea can be linked to the Dada idea of the creation of art from anything as we took left over food and reshaped it into a presentable dish.


  • Leftover food
  • A clean plate


  • Food used in creating the new dish must be leftover food; the food cannot be taken with the intention of making the new dish.
    • Place the leftover food in a aesthetically pleasing manner on the clean plate.