life melody

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Artwork #1: Score

Life melody


  • Take turns to roll dice with your friend.
  • After 40 round, you get a list of numbers.
  • Create a note based on the list of numbers you get. (you friend’s number is feet, your number is string)
  • Play your note on the guitar
  • Share it with others



Fluxus — the most radical and experimental art movement of the sixties

This score I want to people think about a normal thing but in a different perspective, think desk as an instrument, plastic bag as clothes, spoon as a weapon.

There are two things talked in the class inspired me. One was the video showed in the class. The video talked about artists use factory machines and chess create a special concert, although the melody sounds strange, but it indicated a new type of art and appearance that people never think about. I think this is the representative of Fluxus. Life is art, you can find art in your daily life, and this is the important thing I learned from this class, sometimes things can be different if you look it in a different way.


Another one is Yoko Ono’s CUT PIECE show, usually we think art is far from us, never think we can be a part of it and change from viewers to producer, however, in this show she invited her audience to cut off her clothes, firsthand experience is also a shiny point in Fluxus art.

So I start to think I can create a melody based on daily activities and cooperate with others, imagining there is a melody hide in your daily life and you can easily dig it out, this must be a very nice experience. I like to play guitar, then I start to think guitar has six strings, and dice also have six numbers, maybe they can fit it well. Let the dice give me notes and I can share it with my friend.

I did this with my roommate last weekend after we got the number, we tried to play it. First, my roommate and I both thought it would be jumpy, and you can’t find any rhythm, to be honest, the melody was much better than we expect, although there was a little jumpy but you still can find the main rhythm in the notes.

This score actually is very excited because you never know what you can get at the end, also it can be improved in many ways, you can add more dices or play with another melody together, and I believe you can find more interesting way to play this game, the main goal is create your own melody.


this is the melody I made based on dice: dice