RPG final artwork #4: Experience

first, I have to say Xiao is wrong, he is not the only business major in this class.(´・ω・`)


artist statement:
For the final, I want to make a digital game, I like digital games, making a own digital game is one of my dream in my middle,
I learned RPG Maker and joined a group at that time, however, unluckily I don’t have enough time to make one, so I had to give up.
my idea of this game is to create a mainstream game, this is the reason why I select this class,
after a semester’s class, we talked about Fluxus and DADA, try to thinking and learning in a different way,
abandon our regular thoughts and try something totally new so I start to think about looking at normal game
in different angle.
Another reason is Yuusha Yoshihiko, a Japanese Drama, this drama talks about warriors save the world, in the drama,
they fight like in turn-based game, also like normal they will enter citizen’s house and search for items. When a Drama
act 100% as a RPG game, you will find there are lots of irrational things happened. So I think I can put this kind of
event in my game to make it more reality.
I think this is the main idea why I want to create a normal RPG game but you can also jump out of the circle,
to redefine the game.
So basically my game is talking about a normal RPG story, princess was caught by demon, our character’s job is to defeat
the demon and save the princess. However, not everyone is the chosen one, you might die in half way, even if you
finally reach the boss room, you might still can not win. Because why a human being’s power can win a demon in a single

game testing:
My game testers are my roommates, they thought the whole idea is very good, some times they also have same
questions when they play RPG games, why they can break into others house, why they can be blocked by a small tree.
However, they think the plot and maps are a little too weak, sometimes they do not even know what to do next, and
there is no battle fight in the game, so there is a little boring when they are walking from a map to another.



rpg here is the link

“Hidden Treasure”

“Hidden Treasure”
Surprise is a scarce resource in today’s society, sometimes people are just too busy to find out what surround them. Fast-paced life makes people focus more on efficiency and ignore the joy and grateful. The main idea of my intervene is people can get joy from tiny thing and believe happiness are surround us. Actually it could not be candy, it could be anything, I just want to show that, people needs to put their eyes broadly and try to seek out the treasures that hidden in our life time.
The inspiration of this game, I think it is the video in the class. In the video, there is a treasure game, people follow the map and instruction in the street or on the wall, and finally find out the secret place and the treasure. My first idea is to create a game like that, however, I find it would takes lots of time and I don’t have enough experience to do that, so I simplify the game process, let people find chocolates in school.
My game is hide chocolates in curry student center and other place that many people pass by. Those chocolates have a “eat me” sign on them, so people can whether take it or eat it when they find the chocolates.
Actually, I put some chocolates in vary conspicuous places, so I hope people can find them easily, however, even some chocolates were in front of them, their eyes just choose to ignore them. Some people noticed it but did not take it, maybe they thought it is not safe to take unknown goods.
Also, there are some good example, someone found the chocolate, first he also felt confusion like other people, then he teared the packaging and ate it, and continued screeching for another one.
Another one is I put two chocolates in the vending machine, hope someone can get extra bonus when he buying snacks. However, the one who planing to buying something in front of the vending machine, when he found the chocolate, he stopped buying and took the chocolate away, seems I select the snack for him.
I did not take any photos about them, I thought it is not polite, and this should be a secret movement. Hidden is the main idea in this game, so I don’t want to interrupt the moment people find the treasure.

Overall, most of the people are enjoy and willing to take the chocolates. Finding this kind of extra surprise can also make them happy.





monopoly chess


The game is to be played with 2 players and the goal of this game is like the normal chess, to kill the king.


1.When each player finish moving his piece, he should draw a movement card.

2.Each player need to draw a battle card before he start kill the enemy piece.

3.Piece can not share the same position unless the cards effect

4.Class system: There is a class system, from high to low is King, Queen Bishop, Knight, Rock, Pawn.

5.When the piece go out of the board, it dead.

6.Multiple battles:When piece fight with multiple enemies, it should fight the lower class piece first, then the higher piece can fight back.


First I want to say Hex is the duel king, she won all the games. Actually, I think this game is very good, after the first text on last week, I adjusted a little bit of the rules to make the game run more reasonable. It is fun when you add random factor in to a logical chess game.

When you play classic sports or games, such as Frisbee or chess, have you ever think about to change the rules, not just play like a traditional game, but add new element in it, when you find a different way to play means more fun than the old thing

Artist’s Statement:

When I decided to create a game based on the appropriate, the first image came in my mind is Marcel Duchamp’s LHOOQ, I think it is a classic example of Dada compare with traditional art. Another huge part of Dada is its collage arts. So I started to think about use this concept, try to design a game that combine lots of elements in to a classic game to make it in classical, like Marcel add the beard on Mona Lisa’s post card.

So, I came up with idea that add “beard” on classical chess, add random factor to make it looks like monopoly. Inspiration for using  chess is because I have strong impact from Fluxus.  In previous class, one the of the video was talking about two people are playing chess, then the chess board started to move and run away. People already play chess hundreds of years, but never think about to change the rules. So all the cards are related to animations, games and series, such as Yu-GI-OH,  Pokémon, dragon ball,  these make it looks like there are lots of appropriate elements involve when you play the game.

When I first time tested this game, it was not quite go as I planned, and there was also have problem in multiple battles, so after received serval suggestions, I changed some rules for multiple battles, which makes it more playable in the second test. I think it is quite good this time, and the random factor makes the game more fun than before.




monopoly chess

This is a game that two players play chess. The objective is like the normal chess, to kill the king.


  1. Each player need to draw a movement card after he move his piece
  2. each player need to draw a battle card before he start kill the enemy piece
  3. Each card have effect that can determine the result
  4. who first kill the enemy king is the winner

in this game, two white or black pieces can share the position, when the piece go out of the board, it dead.





Left, detail of Walker Evans’s “Alabama Tenant Farmer’s Wife(1936)
Right, detail from Sherrie Levine’s “After Walker Evans” (1980)
In 1981, Levine photographed reproductions of Depression-era photographs by Walker Evans, such as this famous portrait of Allie Mae Burroughs, the wife of an Alabama sharecropper. The series, entitled After Walker Evans, became a landmark of postmodernism, both praised and attacked as a feminist hijacking of patriarchal authority, a critique of the commodification of art, and an elegy on the death of modernism. Far from a high-concept cheap shot, Levine’s works from this series tell the story of our perpetually dashed hopes to create meaning, the inability to recapture the past, and our own lost illusions.


Sherrie Levine (b.1947) Fountain(After Marcel Duchamp)

life melody

Life melody


  • Take turns to roll dice with your friend.
  • After 40 round, you get a list of numbers.
  • Create a note based on the list of numbers you get. (you friend’s number is feet, your number is string)
  • Play your note on the guitar
  • Share it with others



Fluxus — the most radical and experimental art movement of the sixties

This score I want to people think about a normal thing but in a different perspective, think desk as an instrument, plastic bag as clothes, spoon as a weapon.

There are two things talked in the class inspired me. One was the video showed in the class. The video talked about artists use factory machines and chess create a special concert, although the melody sounds strange, but it indicated a new type of art and appearance that people never think about. I think this is the representative of Fluxus. Life is art, you can find art in your daily life, and this is the important thing I learned from this class, sometimes things can be different if you look it in a different way.


Another one is Yoko Ono’s CUT PIECE show, usually we think art is far from us, never think we can be a part of it and change from viewers to producer, however, in this show she invited her audience to cut off her clothes, firsthand experience is also a shiny point in Fluxus art.

So I start to think I can create a melody based on daily activities and cooperate with others, imagining there is a melody hide in your daily life and you can easily dig it out, this must be a very nice experience. I like to play guitar, then I start to think guitar has six strings, and dice also have six numbers, maybe they can fit it well. Let the dice give me notes and I can share it with my friend.

I did this with my roommate last weekend after we got the number, we tried to play it. First, my roommate and I both thought it would be jumpy, and you can’t find any rhythm, to be honest, the melody was much better than we expect, although there was a little jumpy but you still can find the main rhythm in the notes.

This score actually is very excited because you never know what you can get at the end, also it can be improved in many ways, you can add more dices or play with another melody together, and I believe you can find more interesting way to play this game, the main goal is create your own melody.


this is the melody I made based on dice: dice