monopoly chess

by | Oct 22, 2016 | Artwork #2: Appropriate


The game is to be played with 2 players and the goal of this game is like the normal chess, to kill the king.


1.When each player finish moving his piece, he should draw a movement card.

2.Each player need to draw a battle card before he start kill the enemy piece.

3.Piece can not share the same position unless the cards effect

4.Class system: There is a class system, from high to low is King, Queen Bishop, Knight, Rock, Pawn.

5.When the piece go out of the board, it dead.

6.Multiple battles:When piece fight with multiple enemies, it should fight the lower class piece first, then the higher piece can fight back.


First I want to say Hex is the duel king, she won all the games. Actually, I think this game is very good, after the first text on last week, I adjusted a little bit of the rules to make the game run more reasonable. It is fun when you add random factor in to a logical chess game.

When you play classic sports or games, such as Frisbee or chess, have you ever think about to change the rules, not just play like a traditional game, but add new element in it, when you find a different way to play means more fun than the old thing

Artist’s Statement:

When I decided to create a game based on the appropriate, the first image came in my mind is Marcel Duchamp’s LHOOQ, I think it is a classic example of Dada compare with traditional art. Another huge part of Dada is its collage arts. So I started to think about use this concept, try to design a game that combine lots of elements in to a classic game to make it in classical, like Marcel add the beard on Mona Lisa’s post card.

So, I came up with idea that add “beard” on classical chess, add random factor to make it looks like monopoly. Inspiration for using  chess is because I have strong impact from Fluxus.  In previous class, one the of the video was talking about two people are playing chess, then the chess board started to move and run away. People already play chess hundreds of years, but never think about to change the rules. So all the cards are related to animations, games and series, such as Yu-GI-OH,  Pokémon, dragon ball,  these make it looks like there are lots of appropriate elements involve when you play the game.

When I first time tested this game, it was not quite go as I planned, and there was also have problem in multiple battles, so after received serval suggestions, I changed some rules for multiple battles, which makes it more playable in the second test. I think it is quite good this time, and the random factor makes the game more fun than before.