Artwork #3: Intervene Iteration 1- Ilayda Hanci

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Artwork #3: Intervene, Projects

Artwork #3: Intervene Iteration 1

Ilayda Hanci

“Good Vibes”

The main idea of my game intervenes with people’s emotional states. I want to show with my piece that, everybody needs good stuff in their life and they can smile by playing a simple and an easy game.

For this piece, I made a sign declaring that everybody needs something in their life and they can just simply acquire that by taking the word they need from the board. The goal was directly intervening with people’s needs and desires about what they want in their life and what they desire the most to get.

My piece is a large Bristol Board with 14 piece of words attached to it. On the paper is the following: “Please take whatever you need today and choose to believe”. I think it has its own charm. I mostly influenced by Yoko Ono as she asks the question to audience and lets the audience to create the piece. In a various number of places and at various times of day I put the sign and waited. In the public busy places, it took very little attention. Part of that was no doubt people were all the time on their phone while walking away from it or too busy to look at it.  The first place that took place for this piece was the Ruggles Station since it is very busy with the students and workers. I posted the board to a place where everyone can see easily while they are heading to school or to work, so they can just take a word they want, want to do, or need in their life to motivate themselves. But it didn’t work that well since everybody was too busy to catch the bust or the train and there were a lot of people so they didn’t read the message at all.

Then I moved the sign to the International Village. The sign did get a few glances, but a few stopped to read it and pick the words they need. Most of the time people were too busy looking at their phones all the time without noticing the things around them. This piece also helped me to analyze people about what was the reaction when they saw it and the influence of the smartphones in people’s daily lives. 6 out of 10 people were on their phone even if someone in front of them stopped to look at the piece.