The Rap Intervention

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Artwork #3: Intervene

The Rap Intervention

Artist Statement

I thought of the project from watching the intervention example in class where people ended up freezing in place in the middle of the city.  But I could not just copy what they did, so I tried to create something along the same lines as this project. At first, I thought maybe dancing in the street would be fun, but I decided not to do that as I already did that earlier. So I decided that maybe rapping for people would be fun.

With the thought that I should go around and rap for people, I started to think of where I might be able to do this. There were many good suggestions, but then I realized that I did not have to stay put in one place. I could go to the people.

So I made a sign saying “Free Raps” over it and walked around. I ended up walking around curry, a little bit of the first floor the library (I did not want to disturb people) and outside. I would ask people to give me a word and then I would give a one verse rap to it. Keep in mind, I have no rapping ability whatsoever.

People either ignored me or laughed when I walked by with my sign. When I rapped for people, they always had a big smile on their face. That is the biggest positive takeaway from all this: I brightened some people’s days.

The Video