“Hidden Treasure”

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Artwork #3: Intervene

“Hidden Treasure”
Surprise is a scarce resource in today’s society, sometimes people are just too busy to find out what surround them. Fast-paced life makes people focus more on efficiency and ignore the joy and grateful. The main idea of my intervene is people can get joy from tiny thing and believe happiness are surround us. Actually it could not be candy, it could be anything, I just want to show that, people needs to put their eyes broadly and try to seek out the treasures that hidden in our life time.
The inspiration of this game, I think it is the video in the class. In the video, there is a treasure game, people follow the map and instruction in the street or on the wall, and finally find out the secret place and the treasure. My first idea is to create a game like that, however, I find it would takes lots of time and I don’t have enough experience to do that, so I simplify the game process, let people find chocolates in school.
My game is hide chocolates in curry student center and other place that many people pass by. Those chocolates have a “eat me” sign on them, so people can whether take it or eat it when they find the chocolates.
Actually, I put some chocolates in vary conspicuous places, so I hope people can find them easily, however, even some chocolates were in front of them, their eyes just choose to ignore them. Some people noticed it but did not take it, maybe they thought it is not safe to take unknown goods.
Also, there are some good example, someone found the chocolate, first he also felt confusion like other people, then he teared the packaging and ate it, and continued screeching for another one.
Another one is I put two chocolates in the vending machine, hope someone can get extra bonus when he buying snacks. However, the one who planing to buying something in front of the vending machine, when he found the chocolate, he stopped buying and took the chocolate away, seems I select the snack for him.
I did not take any photos about them, I thought it is not polite, and this should be a secret movement. Hidden is the main idea in this game, so I don’t want to interrupt the moment people find the treasure.

Overall, most of the people are enjoy and willing to take the chocolates. Finding this kind of extra surprise can also make them happy.