RPG final artwork #4: Experience

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Artwork #4: Experience

first, I have to say Xiao is wrong, he is not the only business major in this class.(´・ω・`)


artist statement:
For the final, I want to make a digital game, I like digital games, making a own digital game is one of my dream in my middle,
I learned RPG Maker and joined a group at that time, however, unluckily I don’t have enough time to make one, so I had to give up.
my idea of this game is to create a mainstream game, this is the reason why I select this class,
after a semester’s class, we talked about Fluxus and DADA, try to thinking and learning in a different way,
abandon our regular thoughts and try something totally new so I start to think about looking at normal game
in different angle.
Another reason is Yuusha Yoshihiko, a Japanese Drama, this drama talks about warriors save the world, in the drama,
they fight like in turn-based game, also like normal they will enter citizen’s house and search for items. When a Drama
act 100% as a RPG game, you will find there are lots of irrational things happened. So I think I can put this kind of
event in my game to make it more reality.
I think this is the main idea why I want to create a normal RPG game but you can also jump out of the circle,
to redefine the game.
So basically my game is talking about a normal RPG story, princess was caught by demon, our character’s job is to defeat
the demon and save the princess. However, not everyone is the chosen one, you might die in half way, even if you
finally reach the boss room, you might still can not win. Because why a human being’s power can win a demon in a single

game testing:
My game testers are my roommates, they thought the whole idea is very good, some times they also have same
questions when they play RPG games, why they can break into others house, why they can be blocked by a small tree.
However, they think the plot and maps are a little too weak, sometimes they do not even know what to do next, and
there is no battle fight in the game, so there is a little boring when they are walking from a map to another.



rpg here is the link