Art Work #2 Appropriation: Dice Hold’em Final Draft

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

Dice Hold’em



Get at least 2 players.



Dice (5 Dice for each player)

Poker Chips (10 Chips for each player)

Dice Cups (1 Dice Cup for each player)

(This Black cup is called Dice Cup)


Winning Condition (Goals):

Eliminate the other player by win over all the poker chips.


Losing Condition:

Lost all the poker chips.


Number Ranking:



(Based on the Number Ranking, the following rules applied.)


Dice Ranking (From the Biggest to the Smallest)


  1. Five of the Kind (Five dice are the same number)

2. Four of the Kind (Four dice are the same number)

3. Full House (Three dice are the same number with one pair)

4. Three of the kind (Three dice are the same number)

5. Two Pairs (Two pairs in the five dice)

6.One Pair (One pair in the five dice)

7. No Pair (Five numbers are all different)



Situation when it is draw:

If two players both got same Rank of Dice Combination, compare with the Number Ranking to figure out the winner.

If two players both got same Rank of Dice Combination and the same Number Ranking, then it is draw.



  1. Give each player 5 dice, 1 dice cup, and 10 poker chips.
  2. All the players put the dice inside the dice cup and shake it.
  3. Now, nobody knows what is the result in their dice cup, and choose an action from: Fold(Give up) or Pay the Blinds(Blinds: Short for “blind bets,” these are the forced bets made before a player look at his or her own dice. The blind bet is one poker chip.)
  4. After pay the blind bet, the blind bet are collected on the table. Players who paid the blind bet are allowed to look at their own dice.
  5. Now, players know the result in their dice cup, and they have to choose an action from: Check (Not Betting), Fold (Give up), or Raise (Betting any amount)
  6. If all the players choose Check (Not Betting), then they will open their dice cup and compare their dice with the Dice Ranking and Number Ranking. The player with the biggest dice combination will take all the betting chips on the table.
  7. If a player choose to raise(Let’s say he is betting 2 poker chips), that will leave other players with following options: Call (Betting 2 poker chips as well), Raise (Betting more than 2 poker chips), or Fold (Give up).
  8. When all the players choose to Call, first put all the betting chips on the table, and open their dice cup to compare. The player with the biggest dice combination will take all the betting chips on the table. (If a player choose to Raise after another player Raise, go back to step 7.)



This Game is called Dice Hold’em. It combined the randomness of the game Dice, and the technics in the Texas Hold’em. It changed the game of dice to a gambling game that needs players’ technics and further consideration. For example, when a player choose to raise, other player/players have to figure out if he is bluffing. In this case, Dice Hold’em is using the rule of Texas Hold’em to change the origin of the Dice game.

Artist Statement:

After looking at Dada’s artwork, I realized that Dada is mostly a art form that is created based on multiple cultures. The game Dice is usually popular in Eastern culture(Especially in China), and the game Texas Hold’em is mostly popular in the Western culture(Especially in U.S.) Also, Dada has the spirit of freedom of creating. Therefore, I decide to combine those two games into a new type of game—Dice Hold’em.