Artwork #3 Intervene: Drive through the Battlefield

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Artwork #3: Intervene

Drive through the Battlefield


Artist Statement:

First of all, I was targeting to use a digital game for the intervene, so I choose to use the game that is pretty popular recently, PUBG, The Player’s Unknown Battleground.

Originally, PUBG is a game that requires the players to find weapons to eliminate any other player who is not on the team. After you eliminate all the other players, you win the match, and the symbolic term will appear “Winner winner, Chicken dinner.”

In order to intervene in this game, my team will just intervene the game by ourselves, because it is pretty hard to communicate with other team and let other team members to intervene.

Instead of playing PUBG as a shooting and survival games, we decide to make it a driving and drifting game, so we will not use weapon to kill other players but drive through the battlefield and try to keep ourselves alive.

After this experience, my team felt another type of fun and comment that they felt like they are playing temple run in PUBG. This intervene has changed the original experience of team survival competition into something like a drifting showcase at the end.