Indie Show & Tell: This War of Mine: The Little Ones

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Show & Tell

Game trailer:

Game overview:

“This War of Mine” revolves around a group of survivors trying to live out an unnamed conflict by savaging for items, finding survival aids, feeding on rats and vegetable gardens and trading with other survivors. Much of the game depends on the choices you make throughout the game as each decision not only affects the story but also affects the players in the story. You are not only trying to not starve, but also trying to survive mentally. Each decision impacts the ethical and moral mental state of the survivors.

War Isn’t All That Glamorous:

Many of the popular games today glorify war. First person shooters such as the “Call of Duty” franchise has been so popular that they have come out with copious amounts of sequels. The common story line is that terrorists invade and you are called upon to gun them down. War is glorified, which is why so many people today seem so indifferent when there is an ongoing war on the news. However, no one every talks about the civilians who are effected by the war. Just like the game “12th September”, “This War of Mine” puts players in the shoes of civilians who are stuck in a war zone with no where to run. The characters in the game are civilians and not soldiers you play as on “Call of Duty”. The lives, and mental state of civilians need to be considered before every decision. “This War of Mine” is a social commentary of the ugly side of war. Bombs and bullets do not just kill the intended target. Collateral damage is what creates broken families and war torn cities.