Artwork #1: “Fresh Attempt”

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Artwork #1: Score, Uncategorized

Final Score

When you wake up on a cloudy day

Catch rainwater in an empty medicine bottle.

Do this for a month, filling more bottles as desired.

Then take the water and wash your bedsheets in it.


Author’s Notes

This piece is a metaphorical comparison of coping methods. It doesn’t take a stance on what is right or wrong, but rather a comment on how our coping methods are often ineffective ways of dealing with a problem with issues that might be more deeply rooted.



I found some creative ways to collect rainwater. It took a while because rain doesn’t really fall in the same place so much as it just collects in areas after it falls. By the time it was full enough for me to try washing my sheets, I basically just made a small wet mark that dried in a matter of minutes. Ultimately though, I can say that the score played out the way I intended it to.