Score: Solve the Puzzle

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Artwork #1: Score


I walk around school grounds, 

trying to get my standing,

there are loopy roads and roundabouts,

A little shop called wall-e’s?


It’s all very confusing this property I’m around,

Seems like there’s an overpass,

In the middle of the property,

Purple hues all around it


Kids all around waiting

To be let into this hostel

As a supervisor swipes

And off they go 


My intention in creating this score was to create a kind of puzzle in a puzzle effect. You as the reader, are trying to figure out what specific place the score is referring to in a treasure hunt like manner. As a child growing up, I’ve always been a fan of puzzles. Every game I am fond of has some sort of puzzle element involved in it. I even remember being 10 going to restaurants and my parents giving me sudoku puzzles to keep me distracted. I think this lends itself to this score, I love the idea that someone is reading it in passing and thinking about it as they walk around campus.

The piece was inspired by Yoko Ono’s TRUTH/FALSE in Grapefruit. It sounds like the list of things she’s trying the readers to figure out what’s true and false. But the more you read the more you find similar topics, hidden messages. “All fruits are related species of banana, which was the first fruit in existence. The Bible lied about the apple because they felt mentioning the word banana was too undignified.”  It seems like simple commentary but there is some sort of distaste that Yoko was trying to convey! My score didn’t end up being as deep but used the hidden message idea to make a puzzle!



Here I have attached an image of the “bridge” hallway connecting both halfs of this building. The purple hues, the loopy roads and then finally the building in question in the score is West Village F