Scott Pignataro: Artwork #1 – Score: Adapt

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Artwork #1: Score, Projects


Find a place with a table and chair

Take out your work and place it on your chair;

Then sit on the table.

Start Working.



Artist Statement:

This Score was inspired by a lot of things but many by my roommates. One day I came home and all my roommates were working so diligently at our dining room table. Watching them work made me think about how people often do not think about how important something is in our daily life. I do not often think about how useful a chair and table are but watching my roommate struggle to get any work done while sitting on the table really shows how underappreciated some things are. I was also inspired by the idea of using things in a way they are not intended to be used. When you use something in a way it’s not intended it can have really fun and humorous results. In the case of my score my roommate had a blast making jokes and laughing about the different techniques that could be used to be more efficient. The score that inspired me the most was, Tape Piece III. The score was simple, yet in my opinion very deep. Taking something like an audio tape and using it as a bow for a present or a gift wrapper, as suggested in the score, was really fascinating to me. Most people would never think to use a tape of audio for anything besides listening but Ono had come up with such a unique use for it and I found that really inspirational for my own score.  Seeing how people adapted to the challenge of sitting on a table while having their work on a chair is super interesting. One of my roommates thought it would be easier to work while on his stomach; after switching positions he found, at least for him, it was easier to get work done. I wish I could have had more people try out my score so see different adaptations.