by | Oct 15, 2021 | Artwork #1: Score


(Media/documentation will be added later on as the process is not complete)


Purchase a 7 pound cut of Ribeye
Wrap it in dry-aging wrap, and place it in the fridge for 3 weeks
Observe it.
Feel it harden.
Smell it.
3 weeks later,
Cut the dry-aged ribeye into 4 2-inch steaks,
Watch a video on how to cook steak.
Cook the steak to medium rare.
Enjoy the steak, perhaps with some Bordeaux, and maybe some asparagus on the side.
Share the remaining steak with friends and family.

Artist Statement:

As I pondered upon the similarities and relationship between a recipe and a score, such as how a score that is also a recipe can be more than just a recipe, and what the score is capable of offering beyond the context of just preparing food from the recipe, I came up with this score. Dry-aged steak is one of my favorite foods, and I hope whoever attempts this score will enjoy it as much as I do. While I did consider turning my recipe/score into something bizarre, I budged to my foodie self and decided to please my tongue instead. After all, I set my recipe/score to be one that should bring happiness and pleasure.

I think the concept of creating a score that includes a recipe is somewhat parallel to the Fluxus musical scores of John Cage and David Tudor. The musical scores were also taking an existing form of instructions(music), but adding onto it to create avant-garde art. Like the freedom the Fluxus musical scores often gave to their performers and participants, I think my score of a partial recipe gives the participant a lot of choice such as how to prepare the steak, whom to share it with, with only a few specifications that I personally deemed necessary.

I think the ultimate aim of my score is sharing: me sharing a recipe with whoever comes across this score, and them sharing it with the people they love and care about.