Nickerson Isidor’s Appropriation project

by | Oct 23, 2021 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

For my appropriation. I chose to create a game I will tentatively call. Visual MadLibs. The core concept of the game is to take a sentence, and have a player create a collage preexisting images on the internet. They then pass on this image to the next player to change in a way according to the next part of the sentence. This goes on for however many players there are until the final product loops back around to the person who had made the original image. An example of the transformation of an image can be seen here. My main inspirations for this project were one, they eyeball collage we looked at in class, and two, the fact that Mrs.Pierce’s suggestion that my previous score would have been a good fit for this assignment as well. With that in mind, I warped the idea to become more “gamey” and unravel into a more ridiculous image the players you obtain.