Nickerson’s final project

For my final project, I ended up making a YouTube video that can be seen below:

When I first imagined making this project, I thought back to a looooong time ago, back when youtube had a little feature called annotations. And Certain creators would use annotations to add little comments or links mid video to direct viewers. While the feature had long been nixed, I knew that there must have been some way to do it using youtube’s endcard feature. So I decided to make a little choose your own adventure type game within the boundaries of YouTube. As for the material in class that inspired me, the idea of affordances in “Works of game” Came to mind, where the idea only having semi restrictive tools to work with, forced the developer to get creative.

Nickerson Isidor’s Intervention

For my Intervention, I enacted something I liked to call, operation Good Neighbor. What I did was essentially play some good ole’ rainbow 6 siege, and try to help the opposite team, or at the very least be kind towards them. A couple clips of the experience can be seen here:

A brief presentation can also be seen here:

While it wasn’t my first idea, the idea for this essentially branched from a lot of the other ideas of people in class. The idea of essentially becoming friendly and going against the true way the game was meant to played seemed like a fun idea to execute. I even got some of the players I encountered saying I brightened their day, and in the end, that’s the true point of being a good neighbor, so it made me happy that this was a success.



Nickerson Isidor’s Appropriation project

For my appropriation. I chose to create a game I will tentatively call. Visual MadLibs. The core concept of the game is to take a sentence, and have a player create a collage preexisting images on the internet. They then pass on this image to the next player to change in a way according to the next part of the sentence. This goes on for however many players there are until the final product loops back around to the person who had made the original image. An example of the transformation of an image can be seen here. My main inspirations for this project were one, they eyeball collage we looked at in class, and two, the fact that Mrs.Pierce’s suggestion that my previous score would have been a good fit for this assignment as well. With that in mind, I warped the idea to become more “gamey” and unravel into a more ridiculous image the players you obtain.

Nickerson’s Score: Release

Imagine a creation, it does not have to be much, but it must be yours…

Now set to work

Build the spawn of your imagination piece by piece

Little by little witness the result of your focus come to life


Bask in the work’s glory

Realize that it is temporary

And destroy it

When finished, destroy this Score…”

This idea is stemmed from mainly 2 things. I wanted a score that was in itself, enjoyable to complete. It’s an experimental game design class after all, and games are meant to be fun. I wanted the first 5 steps of the score to make the participant connect to their creation. The final part of the score, is inspired by the Matchbook score meant to destroy art. Just burning any old art is one thing, but destroying your own art is a whole different thing. Now, the score here took the form of a goofy Picture + Video, but that’s just because that was the limit of my skillset. I’d find it more interesting if a person was to spend an even longer time on a piece, maybe music, maybe animation. I would love to see someone fall in love with their work, and then brush it aside like it was nothing. Almost like the sand mandalas that Buddhist monks make: