Final Project

by | Dec 11, 2021 | Artwork #4: Experience

Antarctic Survival:

Controls: A and D to move left and right respectively. Left Shift to slide to gain speed, and Space to jump.

Game Genre: 2D platformer


Artist Statement:

My project is a 2D platformer named Antarctic Survival, where the player navigates a parent penguin and its offspring through a series of obstacles. The game was loosely inspired by documentaries I’ve watched regarding penguin survival, and the idea was conceived upon skiing. The levels are designed around testaments to parenthood, where the player can choose to opt to give up the baby penguin and the game is relatively easy. Certain levels require the player to put the parent in potential danger to secure the baby. Even when the two penguins are parted, the player needs to pay attention to the baby to avoid obstacles. As I am unexperienced with game programming and unity, much of the game is unfurnished in the sense of resets and winning. The game comments on the harsh natural environment and the cruelty of survival, as well as the difficulties of parenthood. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not proficient with unity, and I decided to put in more work into the level design to explore the topics I set out to incorporate and comment on in my game. While I personally have not been a parent, I’ve grown up as an offspring to wonderful parents that I know would do anything for me, and I am forever grateful for their love. I tried to tie the affordances of my game to conscience decisions players have to make as the parent penguin.