Artwork #2 Appropriation

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

Quick Sample


Required Items:

A Smart phone

2-5 People



  1. Recording begins (The recording is done by the host)
  2. The first player is asked to make a sound
  3. All other players are asked to make a sound that they feel would come after the sound from the previous person
  4. If it is 2 people playing then they go back to back for 3 rounds, 3 people go for 2 rounds and for 4+ people only one round is required
  5. All sounds are played back in the exact order that they were made in


Additional/Optional rules

  1. Players choose 1 of 5 words and the theme of the music would be interpreted by the producer for this
  2. The sounds are sampled in an instrumental that is created based on the theme


Artist’s Statement:

My main and original source of influence was from the producers RiotUsa and Marc Anthony who use otherwise unconventional samples when producing beats for some of the biggest names in the rap industry. In the course of making this artwork we learnt about Dadaism in class and once again I drew inspiration from the whole movement and slightly reworked the game. Rather than completely focusing on sampling the sounds and incorporating them in a beat or some form of music I thought about how it would work out if just the sounds arranged in order would work out. Thus, my decision to make the last two rules optional. Giving the participants the freedom to decide the length and nature of the sounds they make allows for a rather more interesting spectacle and in the end gives an idea on what the participants view as a cohesive piece since they are aiming to try and make sounds that follow up on those made by the previous person.

An interesting thing that happened in my third playtest was the choice of sounds from my participants. They decided to keep repeating the same sound and this made a final sound that was more music like. This brought up an unplanned situation which displayed the various results that could come up as a result of the game. Coincidentally these participants chose the theme of afro and I thought that the genre of afrobeats would fit this theme perfectly.


Here is the original sound:

Original Sound



And the sound after being sampled into the afrobeat:

Sampled Sound