Draw Something (ART ver.)

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

This game is called Draw Something (ART version). There are many Draw Something game you can access online, but this project is related to ART.

Inspiration: Ursonate by Raoul Hausmann.

In Dada: Zurich, Berlin, Hanover, Cologne, New York, Paris, the author indicated the poem created by Raoul Hausmann and how did Schwitters take Hausmann’s phonemes and “arranged them in new groupings, repetitions, and variations.” Therefore, I was thinking about to make a game that players “arrange” and “recreate” the artwork.


  1. Need at least 4 players in a group. There will be 1 guesser and n-1 drawers.
  2. All players should line up in a straight line and face to the other’s back.
  3. The player at the begining of the link checks the picutre and starts drawing. They got 10 seconds to check the picture, and they are not allowed to draw anything until the picture is put away. They got 30 seconds to draw, because they need to draw the main point of the picture so that the drawers could try to get the information and draw on it.
  4. The players in the middle of the line continue drawing and pass it to the next player. They got 15 seconds to draw.
  5. When the drawing is passed to the guesser, they should guess what artwork/artist/game character it is.

 Additional Infomation:

  • NO cheating
  • NO written words
  • NO talking
  • NO drawing after time’s up.


During the class, I got 4 people for the gameplay. I chose Mona Lisa as the picture that the players need to “re-depict”. When the game started, I set up a time for 10 secons and showed the picture of Mona Lisa to Player1 who stands at the beginning of the line. When time’s up, I covered the picture, and gives them 30 seconds to draw the main point of the artwork. When time’s up, I asked them to pass the ipad to Player2. I set up the timer for 15 seconds, and they got 15 seconds to draw. When time’s up, Player3 repeated the step that Player2 have done. After Player3 finished, they passed the drawing to Player4 who is the guesser. Finally, they immediately got the right answer, which is Mona lisa. Amazing!