Compliment Cascades

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Artwork #1: Score

Each morning, take a single die and cast it.

Memorize the number revealed.

Throughout the day, bestow compliments equal to that number.

Observe the faces you touch.

Witness the transformation in their spirits.

Take note of the reverberations.

A simple act, a profound impact.


“Compliment Cascades” is a call to embrace everyday kindness. Inspired by Yoko Ono and my mother’s unwavering insistence on me being a gentleman and treating others with respect, this artscore invites you to roll the dice of positivity.


Every morning, roll a die, and let the number guide you to compliment that many people throughout your day. It’s a simple gesture with a profound impact. In a world where small acts of kindness can make a big difference, this score empowers us all to brighten someone’s day with a genuine compliment.


Yoko Ono’s piece called Grapefruit had a major impact on my work as well as Allen Kaprow, who were both a part of the Fluxus movement. I took Yoko Ono’s collection of conceptual art and poetry and created these sets of instructions. I wanted the vibe of it to be similar to how she is commanding, while having a deeper meaning. I wanted people to realize our world is tense and divided because we do not treat each other like human beings with respect. I want people to put their differences aside and be genuine to each other. I wanted to show how easy it is to do so by simply taking a die and rolling it. Effortless and not complicated. Something that just… happens. 

Kaprow advocated the elimination or at least reduction of the conventional boundaries between art and daily life. He thought art should be easily incorporated into our everyday experiences and environments rather than being restricted to certain places or items. He led the happenings movement, a type of art event that blurred the lines between art and life. This piece is supposed to do so, and just happen naturally.


Documentation: After implementing this into my every day routine for the last week, I respectfully decided to not take any pictures or video of me doing this, because I felt it is personal and should not be shared with others. However, I will say that seeing all of the smiles and lit up faces really makes my day. Just try it out for yourself and you’ll see 🙂