Score: Go Fish ?

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  • Looked around my room for an idea
  • Saw deck of cards on my desk
  • Thought about what game to play with those cards
  • Then thought , “What if you can’t see your cards”
  • Immediately go fish came to mind


Go fish?


Get a standard deck of cards

Shuffle deck of cards

Give each player 5 cards

*They can not look at their cards

Instead pick up your cards and have them face your opponent 

The youngest goes first

Take a card from your opponent 

You can either ask if you have a card or 

You can ask if you have a pair in your hand



After testing the game, we realized how you can easily get a pair but not even know it. 

Let’s say you steal an opponent’s card to make a pair, but they also have a pair of that card in their hand. What do you do? 

How far does your integrity go?

Making roommate play my game.


Artists Statement:

My goal from the beginning was to create a game that was simple yet had an interesting twist on an already existing playable game. I was inspired by all of the chess scores and some of the readings. I was especially inspired by Essential Questions of Life Chapter 3, when they showed artwork of objects that already existed but made it useless. I really liked the concept of re-inventing an existing idea but with an interesting spin. That’s when I looked at my deck of cards and thought “How can I introduce an interesting twist to a well known card game?” One of the first games that I thought of was Go Fish because it is a very simple game to play, and it is very important to know what cards you have to get the sets that you need. White chess was a big inspiration to me because it took a very well known game and added one simple change that completely altered the way the game was played.. Everything was white. Similarly, I wanted to change Go Fish. That’s when I had the idea; What if you were not able to see your own cards? I have to admit I thought that it was going to be impossible or extremely difficult to play, but my roommate and I were able to have fun playing the game. Although Go Fish? is a relatively straightforward game, there is still room for interpretation between players. Players are able to decide how they want to play the game and can even add their own rules or playstyles if they want. In creating Go Fish? My goal was to create a game that was both enjoyable and easy to learn and play. I really hope that my game was able to accomplish those goals, and will allow people to see more games in new ways, and create ways to change the game by adding or changing the fundamental rules.