Appropriate – Manning

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

“Madmen’s Hack”

Manning Artist’s Statement

Two players take turns to move pawns with the intent of capturing their opponent by moving their pawn onto a space occupied by the opponent. The game is played on a computer keyboard, using the keys as you would a standard game board.  The players’ movements are determined by asymmetric dice rolls; one player uses a single ten-sided die, while the other uses a pair of four-sided dice. The player must move their pawn onto a key that at least partially shares an edge with the key their pawn occupies at that moment, must move to as many keys as the number that they rolled on their die/dice, and may not move their pawn onto a key that it occupied at any other point in their turn. The computer must be turned on and have some key-operated program running, such as a word processor, video game, or online resources such as a virtual keyboard.