Final Iteration – Artwork 3 – Friendly Fitness!

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Artwork #3: Intervene, Projects

Friendly Fitness!



A copy of The Division



Participants must encourage fitness and friendliness under all circumstances in the PVP zone of the game The Division.

Participants must never harm another player.

Participants must perform jumping jacks and encourage other players to join in, either through voice or text chat.

Participants must encourage fitness until they are either killed by the players or the players escape.


Artist Statement:

So after discovering that you can use emotes to interact with players in The Division, I realized that there are things I’d much rather do in this 3rd person shooter than shoot bullet sponges.  I wanted to encourage players to stop shooting for even just a moment to do something stupid with some other players instead of fighting the bland and boring NPCs.  I, with the assistance of my friend David Yue (Australian Dude) and Colton Brooks (MattiasNilsson5), took to the PVP zone of the game where we would relentlessly pursue players and encourage them to do jumping jacks with us. My inspiration came from Dadaism and it’s mockery of war. Myself and my participants accepted the futility of fighting and tried to instill that on others, by never giving up in our pursuit of physical fitness. Even when being shot at by NPCs and other players we would continue our efforts.







While trying to secure some gear he found, I found him and approached him. He did the emote for “surrender” and waited patiently until I stopped doing jumping jacks.


While being as obtrusive as possible, players simply ignored us and went about their business.


Chasing after the group of players from earlier.


In the middle of a warzone I danced next to this person while asking them to join in. They didn’t.


The same group, still doing their best to ignore us. One of them noticed my username and started giggling.


We found a straggler and cornered him while doing jumping jacks. He joined in after a few seconds.


What it looks like to be hit with a flashbang mid-jumping jack.