Artwork #3 The Stalemate at the trainstation

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Artwork #3: Intervene


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Artists Statement:


The point of this Intervention for me is to take the activity of doing anything and stooping it for a long period of time. This will enable people to react in ways that are unpredictable and will be a good time to be able to see what is presented at the same time with the game element to have fun and with the presentation element to be able to provide a show that is unexpected for the audience present.

A big point that this project is trying to show how some people will not even notice the situation because they are too busy looking down at their phones and not even notice the artwork that is unfolding beneath them as this project shows we all just need to pause in time and think to ourselves is this really how i want to live y life, being stuck to a phone screen and not enjoy what is unfolding right infront of me as that is why I just want everyone to take abig pause and see how they look sometimes taking their ordinary actions and to try to reflect on themselves to see if this is really what they want to be doing. The way I chose to portray this is not a dark way no, but a fun game that a lot of people can be a part of and enjoy the experience, and at the same time both make everyone around them be shocked, astounded or even excited about the situation that is unfolding through their eyes.

This artwork took a lot of inspiration from the videos shown in class from improv everywhere, and also took a lot of inspiration from Artwork #1 since I wanted to see people very unexpected reactions. To add a little bit more this also took inspiration from today’s modern society and their ways of what they do in their daily lives.

A big point of inspiration also for this project is “The Happening” by Allan Kaprow since he indicates how to make so many different situations and settings and instances into a performance art that is meant to be experienced and  just enjoy the artists view of how the situation unfolds as I did with this projects, it is something to enjoy when it happens because it is something to be experienced at that given moment.


How it turned out:

This project when conducted with 10 of my friends turned out well people were confused, some started looking around us to see if something was wrong and the ones acting did a great job acting and making people even more confused about the situation, in general, the project was a complete success.