Indie Game: Hyper Light Drifter

The game I have chosen to present is the indie game Hyper Light Drifter, This game is made by the studio Heart Machine. It is a 2d top view platformer game. The Art style is pixelized style. What really caught my attention of the game is the ambiance, the music, and just the overall experience, it is something you must experience for yourself, for that reason being I will not talk about the story as it is best to play through it and experience it.


Artwork #4 Gambling Brawlhalla


Artists Statement:

For this game, I decided to combine two different games into one. I took the gambling aspects of poker and took all the moves of Brawlhalla and instead of betting money or currency you bet your moves and the person who wins gets to keep all his moves but the one who loses cannot use the moves that they bet at the match right after the finish the gambling aspect of this.


The meaning of this project is to symbolize strategy, patience, and luck. the way you can strategize by betting certain moves that you know that you will possibly not use in the match and not have to put at risk losing the game, at the same time applying the concept of psychology and luring your opponent during the betting phase and making him bet what you want him to lose.  The symbol of patience is shown in both phases in the betting phase while waiting for that perfect chance to raise the stakes and make the match way riskier at the same time being able to get or a better profit or a bigger loss all f that is up to luck. Inside the game applying the concept of patience is shown as waiting for that perfect chance to use a certain move, which there might be the possibility depending on how the 1st phase went, that might be your only move left in your arsenal, just waiting to use it to try and win the match even in most dire situation. Now to apply the biggest symbol which is luck this one is shown everywhere in the project, the game of poker itself is mostly compromised of luck as you are willing to take a risk without knowing the outcome and hope that your luck is better than the rest of the players so that you can come out victorious. in the second phase of the game, it is compromised of your luck to see how well your opponent is playing and how you can take advantage on that department.


The biggest thing about this was also how to find a new way to have fun with a game that by playing it always the same way can turn out to start getting boring, so implementing this new way of playing can make the game feel refreshed and open a new world of possibilities, not just for this game but to many that chose to take this approach to games.  At the end, I want this project to serve as inspiration for companies, the normal consumers, and just about everyone that plays games and sometimes gets tired of the way they are playing them, that there will be always a new way to play them and enjoy the games, the sky is the limit to how you chose to play them, everything is up to your imagination and creativity on how to have fun. This has been my point for this project, hope that it can inspire future projects in the days to come.


How it turned out:

The game turned out well as it played out perfectly as planned with my roommate we had a lot of stress with the poker aspect and the ones who lost got more serious than the ones who won leading sometimes to a case that the ones who lost won the match as they were not relaxed as the person who won. It was an interesting turn of events but it turned out well.

The second iteration turned out pretty interesting as one of the players had lost all of his unarmed moves but he was able to play so well that he was never unarmed and he won all of the matches, that goes to show even if you lost the gambling aspect the part of you that has skill will kick in to replace what you lost and will even the odds and maybe allow you to win.



The rules for this game are plain and simple you have all your moves to bet, all of them have a set price, you would play this as if it were a normal game of poker, later on when the game of poker is done, the winner gets to keep all his moves and has no penalty within the game, the loser loses all the abilities that he bet and as such he cannot use them, if m he is deemed to lose this round,  again if you win you keep all your bilities for the fight, if you lost you get punished and all the abilities you lost cannot be used during the fight.



Here is the chart of the prices for the game:

Brawlhalla prices – Poker


  • No weapon  – all $5


  • Light attack
  • Heavy attack
  • Light jump
  • Heavy jump
  • Light side
  • Heavy side
  • Light down
  • Heavy down
  • Light descending
  • Heavy descending



  • With weapon – all $10


  • Light attack
  • Heavy attack
  • Light jump
  • Heavy jump
  • Light side
  • Heavy side
  • Light down
  • Heavy down
  • Light descending
  • Heavy descending


This Game was inspired by the in the class activity of the Dada Collage, why? Because throwing many things together and making them work as a different work altogether and making a whole new piece out of it, is one of the biggest things I did with this project. This is also inspired from the reading “Discourse Engines for Art Mods” which discusses the many different ways onto which someone can mod a game both inside and outside the game. And lastly the reading  “Sustainable Play: Towards A New Games Movement for
the Digital Age” for the reason being this is a mixture of games that can be implemented into the future and games can take the seeds of this modification and implement it in their own way to new games that are coming out in the near future.


Dropbox video links:

The first video shows the first part of the project which is the gambling part and will be leading up to the second video.

This second video shows the project in its second phase, aka. the gameplay phase.

Artwork #3 The Stalemate at the trainstation


Link to the rest of the project:


Artists Statement:


The point of this Intervention for me is to take the activity of doing anything and stooping it for a long period of time. This will enable people to react in ways that are unpredictable and will be a good time to be able to see what is presented at the same time with the game element to have fun and with the presentation element to be able to provide a show that is unexpected for the audience present.

A big point that this project is trying to show how some people will not even notice the situation because they are too busy looking down at their phones and not even notice the artwork that is unfolding beneath them as this project shows we all just need to pause in time and think to ourselves is this really how i want to live y life, being stuck to a phone screen and not enjoy what is unfolding right infront of me as that is why I just want everyone to take abig pause and see how they look sometimes taking their ordinary actions and to try to reflect on themselves to see if this is really what they want to be doing. The way I chose to portray this is not a dark way no, but a fun game that a lot of people can be a part of and enjoy the experience, and at the same time both make everyone around them be shocked, astounded or even excited about the situation that is unfolding through their eyes.

This artwork took a lot of inspiration from the videos shown in class from improv everywhere, and also took a lot of inspiration from Artwork #1 since I wanted to see people very unexpected reactions. To add a little bit more this also took inspiration from today’s modern society and their ways of what they do in their daily lives.

A big point of inspiration also for this project is “The Happening” by Allan Kaprow since he indicates how to make so many different situations and settings and instances into a performance art that is meant to be experienced and  just enjoy the artists view of how the situation unfolds as I did with this projects, it is something to enjoy when it happens because it is something to be experienced at that given moment.


How it turned out:

This project when conducted with 10 of my friends turned out well people were confused, some started looking around us to see if something was wrong and the ones acting did a great job acting and making people even more confused about the situation, in general, the project was a complete success.


Artwork #1 Score – Search, Read, Write, and Pass along

Artists Statement:



My Idea for this project was to make a fun game toying with peoples minds and emotions to see how they react to a random sentence and what they would think, act and just, in general, react to what was written in the paper, the point of it was for them to write something down in that paper and pass it along in that amount of certain time, this also took a lot of inspiration from Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit. Also inspired by things that you see written on blogs, Reddit, etc… that are harmful words that affect this society and make it a worse place to live, and since people react harshly to those types of words I was wondering how they would react to what I wrote down in those papers both harmful and not harmful.

This project also represents in many ways social interaction, mostly on the part on how people react to different kinds of emotions being thrown their way, as right now in the current world we live in is mostly ruled over by the form of communication known as texting, this project shows how people react to words that have no emotions attached to them whatsoever and they can choose to take it and reply as is, without knowing if those words might have had a completely different meaning altogether.

This project serves to show also that voice communication is still one of the best ways to express emotions because you might say some type of words but through text, one might not know if you say it jokingly, sarcastically or even serious, through voice and your tone that can be determined way faster. I want this to inspire our generation and the generations that are more forward to us to talk face to face or at least by voice and not to solely rely on texting, notes, or even emails. As talking through voice is a way that can fix several problems that maybe even in the past they might have been taken out of context and maybe it was not even a problem in the beginning.

I hope that in the near future even if it is not through this project that our generation especially recognizes that fact and that it can go back to talking through voice, so that people avoid unnecessary problems, lose friendships cause of reasons that might have never even existed, all just because of a mistranslation of your tone of voice through text.

This project also took very hard inspiration from”The Happening” since what I did was play the part of the director in a scenario that I let unfold just by tossing some paper balls into the crowd and let them make the experience happen right before everyone’s eyes in a very limited amount of time.




Grab a piece of paper

Write anything

Crumple the paper up

Song is chosen

Throw the paper around

Each person that catches it opens it up and looks for a sentence in 5 seconds.

Look at their reaction

Then they chose to keep that sentence like that, change it, or add another sentence

Another person catches it and keeps it going until the song chosen ends

At the end open up the paper to be able to read what everyone wrote if they wrote anything






To pass the paper around you have to throw it

Uncrumple the paper until you find a sentence.

You have the choice to keep it like that, change it or add another sentence close to it

Then crumple it again and throw it randomly around the room

Keep on throwing the paper until the song finishes

If you don’t find a sentence in 5 seconds then add something or crumple it up and throw it again


How It played out:



The game was played out during class with a very low time range as it was supposed to take 5 minutes or more but since the class was about to end I only had a minute, But in that meaning a lot happened, a lot of people wrote interesting things on the paper that many people had different types of impressions out of, and it turned out perfectly, and it showed me that many difrent people react diffrently to difrent words, so everything that I wanted it to show was shown and my point was made.

The second iteration turned out rather interesting since the group was compromised around 5 people I only gave them 1 minute with 2 papers and to be honest I have never seen anyone uncrumple a paper so fast to loo for a sentence and to be honest even with the smaller group and the smaller time frame it turned out very nicely and iteresting as everything still went to plan.

This is picture is the paper that was the result of the experiment.

Appropriation First – Final Iteration: Blind Game

Artists Statement:


The core concept of this project is that you take a single player game and to try to make it a 2 player game by blindfolding that person and taking the sense of eyesight away and having another player guide them by voice as they go through the game. The games that are going to be used are for example platforming games, fighting games, and maybe a 1v1 MOBA mode.

The point of this was to see how you can make a completely new game just by modifying something in real life instead of modifying it inside the game, this experience of taking away one of the players sense makes the game play in a completely different manner and gives the player a new fresh experience on the game, because even though you might have played some of the games presented in the past the way that one of the players has no eyesight but has control and the other one has eyesight but no control gives them almost a whole new type of game that requires teamwork to be able to achieve success which normally never would happen otherwise in the games that were presented. This project was inspired by the Hanover college don in class that it was the mixture of different elements from different places all in one place, in this case, the element is to take away pieces and split them up creating a whole new experience that no one ever expected.

This project was made to portray also that when you have to modify a game to have a different kind of experience to it, it does not always have to be inside the game per say and could be an outside force changing the experience completely. This concept could be implemented and taken to very high levels of inspiration for future game projects as to change a single player game to multiple ones that both players have to depend on each other to do well and be able to succeed, this concept can take a very huge fruition in the game industry and be able to make it into many games and open a whole new genre in the game industry that no one ever expected. This can take fruition in the casual, experimentation, indie, and even in the competitive game market and it is something I hope that I can take with me and try to implement it and move the project forward with time.

This project will be implemented into several categories of games in the near future, Platformers, MOBAS, Fighting, and even horror, both for the new experience and for the fun aspect. I hope this also inspires new game devs into taking into consideration that not everything has to be implemented inside the game but it can be outside the game and even if it has to be with the player.

To point out one extra fact this is also inspired from the reading “Discourse Engines for Art Mods” which discusses the many different ways onto which someone can mod a game both inside and outside the game. And another reading “Sustainable Play: Towards A New Games Movement for the Digital Age” inspired me to make this game to put the seeds into place so that games in the future can take inspiration from this mod and take advantage of it and make it their own into games of the future.


  1. Player 1 can not take off blind fold at any time
  2. Player 2 can only help with voice, he is not allowed to touch any controls.



How it turned out:

The final iteration turned out just as predicted. The implementation of teamwork in these types of games had a huge shock and made people experience the game in a new way, making them have fun and also happy and laugh as this was very new for everyone that was able to play, it was a very fun twist to single player games and it made the experience something amazing.

The second iteration turned out to be pretty fun to see and experience as I saw the test subjects do their best to work as a team and be able to progress farther than in the first iteration and even in the boss fight they almost even cleared it, the level of fun they had was so much that even they did not want to stop the experiment so for me that brought me great pride as to be able to see that they had so much fun that they did not even want to stop playing.



Dropbox link for videos:

The first video shows our players trying to conquer one stage in the game that they struggled with through the whole project.

The second video shows the players trying to beat the boss that they were actually very close to beating.


This image shows the test subject from the back being blindfolded to play the game following the other player’s instructions.



This is a shot from the front.


This last one is to show the player un blindfolded trying the game again and to his surprise,e it was completely diffrrent from what he thought.

Appropriation Show and Tell: Shovel Knight OST The Starlit Wilds Remix by Captain Impossible

The type of appropriation that I selected was taking a original game soundtrack (OST) in this case it is Shovel Knight The Starlit Wilds which here is a link to the original version:

Now my roommate Captain Impossible made this remix of it, which can only be classified as beautiful and it shows a perfect example of appropriation since it is taking a song and having fun with it and making it your own here is a link to his song: