Fun-Sized Party TRPG

The link of the intial game lies here:

I tried my best to ritualize the procedure of the game in an Onoesque way that simplifies everything to the extent that the game is almost unbearably simple, and provided very straightforward and malleable insturctions for each and every step, as an Ono piece would radiate that sort of energy.

The procedure of playing this game extended into crazy and unrestricted interpersonal gameplay, which was my designated plan. That sort of freedom of interpretation took away some constraints of a traditional TRPG and made a fun experience that is easily understood and replayed. I did hope that the extensive usage of the d6 would also bolster that accessibilty and create a party game that would help people enjoy instead of feel constraint in almost any sense. I tried and the rhytm of the game was highly malleable, which also resonates with how simplicity was the central theme of Ono’s works.

Despite liking the sense of this artwork, I find that I would need to be better with people to have the best fun in this game.

Dinner Piece

Dinner Piece

Find a good afternoon
Walk to your favorite grocery market
Ask someone for their favorite course
Thank them for sharing
Get ingredients for that course
Hum and walk home
Appropriate that course in your favorite way
Enjoy it in the way you like

This score was designed to give the player a chance to have some simple time and just enjoy oneself. It does nothing difficult or aloof, which is something I want to erase from my artworks. It could be beautiful while serving a “purpose” that could aid a daily procedure. But again, I took my inspiration from Yoko Ono, and her artwork specialized in giving brief and elegant experiences. I didn’t aim to go as brief but there also was an element of trust that I took from her works, a bit of interaction with the world. It’s very important to feel not alone and content, I hope that this score could do something to help my audience understand this.