Brandon Bielot

Inevitable Failure

For my game I am using Twine to create a game that emphasizes disappointment. The main method of getting this across is by making it impossible to succeed no matter which of the many choices you make.  Each play through takes at least five minutes with nine distinct endings and numerous paths to get there.


The Story:

You play as a man who has had his wife’s locket stolen from him. Your quest is to travel and find the thief who stole the locket, travelling to places such as Mount Firecore, the Haunted Forest, and the Old Manor. It doesn’t matter how you get there though, because it will always end the same way.


The Game:

Inevitable Failure

The Great Sign Hunt – Final

Final Implementation

The Great Sign Hunt was an open invitation treasure hunt which consisted of five posters put up in a loop. The hunt could be started at any poster with instructions  on each directing the player to a twitter feed where they would post their progress. The first player to complete a loop of the posters would be the winner, earning themselves a gift card prize. From initial planning, the scope of the hunt was brought down to accommodate convenience for the player, as well as simplifying the clues from riddles to general destinations. Both of these changes were an attempt to make the game easier to complete as participation was expected to be low.

The posters were put up in Curry Student Center, the Library Classroom stairwell, Churchill Hall, Hayden Hall, and Ell Hall. The posters were designed to appear like an old treasure map both to fit the project theme and to catch attention by being different from all of the modern posters found elsewhere on campus.

Hunt Poster

An example poster that was put up around campus



After two days, I have received one tweet of one of the posters. No one has completed the hunt which is disappointing however at least there was some participation. Perhaps the various building hopping was asking too much of the player  and an even smaller area would have been more successful.

Twitter 1

Twitter 2




The Great Sign Hunt

For the intervention I would like to set up a treasure hunt of signs put up around campus for people passing by to take part if they wish. Each sign would direct to a different sign somewhere on campus where they can sign the poster and move on to the next location if they want! The game could be picked up from any sign and dropped whenever the participants grow tired of it.


Goal: Have the closest magnet to the target without connecting to the target.

Rules: Two player take turns sliding magnets towards the goal from across an agreed distance. You are allowed to slide magnets into other player’s magnets or into a position which blocks the opponent’s slide.

The Game:

1 2


Artistic Description:

The game has the players explore the interactions between the game pieces. They have to experiment with the range of sliding the magnet, along with how close they can get to other entities without attaching to them. Through experience and strategy a player can excel at this game. The concept of play is fairly simple, with few rules so that the players can try to win creatively using the properties of the game pieces. “Magnets” is all about player experimentation and how they apply their findings.



Come up with an idea for a design, such as a bridge.

Scale the design to fit into a one foot cube for convenience.

Build your structure using only  duct tape.

(Can be expanded to life-size proportions if you have enough tape.)